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Inspired Action

Jul 24, 2020

Do you want to save the world? Save yourself? Or, do you just want the world to leave you the F-alone? Where do you fit in today? With so many people around the world marching in the streets, protesting all over the globe, seeing such unrest in the world — what’s an Alchemist to do? Listen in as we talk about the Daoist perspective on these global events?

“This is a very challenging time for myself being an Alchemist and a little bit of an Activist… I feel like this pull of what’s going on in the world… see if this touches inside of you…”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about: The Alchemical Cauldron on LuoFu Shan mountain
  • The Metal Palace is the Global Palace… this is a Metal time in the world. We travel everyday… CNN, BBC, the F-Word News (Fox)…
  • The outer world’s impact on our inner world. – how are you personally handling the crises in the world.
  • The Hero/Activist, Saint/Anarchist, Alchemist roles
  • Inner Chapters and Outer Chapters of Daoist texts
  • The Alchemical cauldron of change
  • To create an Alchemical elixir, you need a catalyst for change
  • The reactants – the ingredients that are put in the cauldron and Trevor Noah’s discussion of them
  • The effect of George Floyd’s death on the world
  • The responsibility of society to care of or not the other members of society.
  • Fear – the other F Word – fear fuels our Alchemical cauldron of discord
  • Human fighting over resources… survival of the fittest, survival more challenging on your own…
Thought Quotes:

“There are times in life when the outer world is demanding our attention so strongly, it’s like knocking on our door. So even the monk sitting in meditation on a mountain somewhere is going to have a hard time ignoring what’s happening. Would that monk not know that the world is in a global pandemic if that person had any connection with anyone or any news source?… When I was on Mount Hua Shan… We stopped halfway up the mountain at this temple and stayed the night. They had a dish there… they were totally tapped into the news…

“It seems like we’re in an Alchemical cauldron, the roiling and boiling of all these things, all these things in the recipe of crazy chaos. It is an Alchemical cauldron going on of transformation. Change is coming.”

“Whether you agree with these changes happening in our society or not… these changes are very rapid and that’s the definition of Alchemy. It’s rapid change. So in a way, it shouldn’t be surprising that on the day that George Floyd died, something very powerful happened. The world shifted on its axis. The desire for change was awakened in us. It went all over the world… and it’s still rippling.”

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