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Inspired Action

Feb 24, 2023

Supreme lover or supreme controller? Which are you? Are you trying to fill a hole of lack of love? Are you getting the love you deserve? Or are you trying to control everything and everyone around you? What stokes your fire and how can you spark your authentic heart again?

Maybe they also even got bullied in school, and maybe it came more from this feeling of isolation among friends. So that could be where Fire might feel a lack of love. And then, you know, when fire's not loved... it's disastrous.

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

What are your Fire tentacles of the heart ?
  • Fires tend towards over-indulgence, temptation, ego/pride and jealousy.
  • Why Fires love a good smorgasbord
  • The over-indulgence tentacle - filling the lack of love hole
  • The temptation tentacle - also filling the lack of love hole
  • Demi-sexual, and being attracted to those you have an emotional attachment to
  • Healing the tentacle by going through the past and rewriting it
  • The ego/pride tentacle - coming from the Fire need to be the Supreme Controller
  • The jealousy tentacle - comparing yourself to other who have the love
  • For the Trekkies out there - Smorgasborg!
Thought Quote:

And don't forget to wear smorgasbord pants. The ones with the stretchy elastic waist. I usually say buffet pants, but that word is out. That is so like 1990! Right now we're saying smorgasbord pants.

Fires love a lot of variety. We love to see variety everywhere we look in our visual field. That's why parties are so cool. There's lots of color, there's lots of people, and you know, the people are the most interesting.

So let's just say you're Fire and you have a feeling of lack inside, deep inside. that would be a heart pain. And that makes you feel like you need to fill this, lack - like a giant hole inside. And it's a constant sense of hunger. And so instead of going out and making friends and doing your fun Fire thing, you stand by that smorgasbord at the parties and stuff yourself nervously, and then you go home and eat an entire container of Paul Newman's O's.

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