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Inspired Action

May 30, 2023

Are you flowing freely in your life? Or are you frozen in your life, afraid to take your next step? Or are you stubbornly not letting go of the anger you feel? These are just a couple reasons why your heart may not be free if you’re the Water Element. Listen and learn how you can face your Water challenges.

"So remember, living in a state of anticipation...this is water. And hopefully that anticipation is like a really wonderful feeling of exciting events in the future. But we always say your greatest gift can be your worst nightmare for every element. So this excitement for life can also be dread and terror for life when life is potentially delivering bad stuff in the future. "


What are the Water tentacles of the heart?

  • The number seven is the number of potential. And Water is all about potential!
  • Waters don't mind waiting because they live in anticipation.
  • You're not a freak or an alien... you might just be WATER!
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  • October Alchemy retreat: Building Your Alchemical Cauldron. Only a few spots left!
  • Water is the most varied Elemental type.
  • Waters excel in an emergency.
  • Drama, trauma and the Dalai Lama - Waters love intensity and quietude/wisdom/meditation - the challenge is to have good intensity not bad intensity in life.
  • Likely Water tentacles are: Fear, Apathy, Over-Indulgence and Deep-Seated Anger.
  • The emotion associated with Water is often translated as "fear" but we like to use the word "anticipation."
  • Fear as a negative emotion is more like PTSD. It's about freedom... do you have the freedom to drive on the highway even if you feel afraid?
  • Anticipation should be a really wonderful feeling of excitement about the future.
  • The Thirteen Ghost Points in Pod 29 and Pod 30.
  • The Apathy tentacle is like being frozen in fear - like the Deer in the Headlights or Woolly Mammoth version of Water - a refusal to move and flow.
  • The feeling of lack can bring out the over-indulgence tentacle for Waters.
  • Waters can tend to not want to confront and stuff their anger, which causes the Deep-Seated Anger tentacle.
  • To free yourself from these tentacles, do the Free Your Heart meditation in the Stage Two of Alchemy meditations in the Alchemy Learning Center.




One might be like a still pool of water and one might be like a rushing river, and those two don't seem alike at all... but wait a while, a couple minutes, a couple hours... time doesn't matter to water. They might even switch places energetically because all waters have the capability of being a calm lake or a tsunami.