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Inspired Action

May 22, 2019

What’s the real difference between being smart and wise? Pod 44 dives into the second Water Palace of Wisdom! Listen to find out why BOTH are a good thing! Water people are born with a wisdom that can take the rest of the Elemental types 10,000 hours to master. But just being “book smart” isn’t going to get you the Wisdom you might be looking for. It’s actually letting go of knowledge that brings you true wisdom. For a Water it’s all about trusting in the moment that you’ll make the right decision. That’s why Waters are so good in emergencies! Start thriving in the now moment and discover a Wisdom that’s as powerful as the bottom of the ocean.

“A smart person will give you smart answers, but a wise person will ask you smart questions.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:
  • The difference between being smart and wise
  • Being in the NOW moment
  • Why Waters are best in an emergency
  • Where Waters hold their wisdom!
  • Why letting go of knowledge is the true wisdom
  • What happens if you have the Water Element third
  • How to thaw Frozen Water
  • What 10,000 hours can do for your Wisdom if you’re not Water
  • Harness the power of the bottom of the ocean within yourself 
Thought Quotes:

“Wisdom is held in your kidneys, which are related to the Water organs. So believe it or not your Wisdom is held in your low back.”

“Trust in the moment that you’ll make the right decision.”

“It’s funny how all the other Elemental types are more likely to sometimes freak out, but Water, in an emergency, can stay level-headed and cool as cucumbers.”

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