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Inspired Action

Jan 17, 2019

What is an Alchemical Life Strategist? Can you DIY as a Coach and do you EVEN want to?  Are you dabbling or are you ALL IN – in your own life? Can you ask yourself the tough questions?

“If you keep doing the same thing over and over… You’re not getting what you want or even close to your goal, but you think it’s going to happen. What’s going to change?”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:
  • What is an Alchemical life strategist?
  • Body mind and spirit balance.
  • Happiness–what level of happiness are you?
  • Positive action is Inspired Action.
  • Three groups of people:
    • Haven’t discovered their passion yet
    • Know what their passion is, but haven’t figured out how to follow it
    • Are pursuing their passion but need some strategies to fulfill their full potential
Thought Quotes:

“Most people want to be happy. It’s the first question I ask, ‘Do you want to be happy?'”

“If you go through life and you’re a five on happiness, you need to do some work and get going on things. What are you waiting for?”   “If you don’t change the present with some positive action, then how is it going to change? You’re just gonna wish it, you’re just going to hope it changes.” Links in this Episode:

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