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Inspired Action

Sep 27, 2021

Can you walk in the darkness without fear? Can your inner light illuminate your way in the darkness? What are your demons and crawly things in your own dark tunnel? When you Enter the Mystery Gate, you have to have the courage to walk into the unknown. You already have the light to shine your way–your inner light.

“Start the process of introspection, looking within yourself. Your body is your vehicle in this lifetime. Most of us are just conscious of what’s outside our vehicle. But the question is what’s inside our vehicle.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Hello darkness my old friend…
  • Do you have enough courage to take steps int he darkness?
  • Entering the mystery (Xuan = mysterious)
  • The Nine Palaces – to learn more, check out our Understanding the Nine Palaces online class
  • You’re the darkness. You’re the tunnel.
  • Guided Stage One of Alchemy meditations available at:
  • You can turn around and go back. Be kind to yourself.
  • There is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Thought Quotes:

“What sparks your interest in Alchemy and Daoism is whatever speaks to your spirit.”

“When we begin to unravel our lives, we let go of the attachments and things we ‘thought’ were going to make us happy.”

“If you can access your spirit, then you become the beacon of light that lights up that cave.”

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Through the Mystery Gate book


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