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Inspired Action

Jul 30, 2020

Do you want to save the world? Save yourself? Or, do you just want the world to leave you the F-alone? Where do you fit in today? With so many people around the world marching in the streets, protesting all over the globe, seeing such unrest in the world — what’s an Alchemist to do? Listen in as we talk about the Daoist perspective on these global events.

“No good, no bad, no right, no wrong.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about: The Alchemical Cauldron on LuoFu Shan mountain
  • Stage 5 of Alchemy – no good or bad
  • Chinese numerology – the number 2 (polarization) vs. the number 1 (unity)
  • Zach Bush theory about COVID-19 – the virus is our friend
  • The Listening Palace
  • Wu Wei – Inspired Action
  • Being an instrument of the Divine
  • Trust with a Capital T
Thought Quotes:

“Let’s go down the rabbit hole here. You have to throw judgmental ness out the window. But so much of what’s happening in the world evokes strong emotions. People are getting charged.”

“An alchemist isn’t looking to find the right answer or to get to the truth. The best song is by Michael Franti… he puts it so eloquently with his song nobody right, nobody wrong.”

“From an alchemist point of view…You have to leave the realm of polarization and come to the realm of unity, oneness, wholeness.”

Links in this Episode:
  • COMING SOON! The Alchemy Learning Center! — a new online community of learning. Five Element, Nine Palaces, and Alchemy online classes.
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