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Inspired Action

Nov 27, 2019

Is self-cultivation something you’re thinking about or doing? Talking the talk and walking the walk is where we are heading with Season 4 – “All In!” Are you All In in your own life? Whether self-cultivation is now part of your day-to-day or not, we want to help jumpstart or reaffirm your journey!

“It’s a journey of one that you could bring your friends along with!”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:
  • Types of Self-Cultivation
    • Forms of movement or exercise (move the Chi!)
    • Journaling or writing affirmations, gratitude, etc.
    • Meditations
    • Self-Care
    • Learning
    • Creative outlets for your body and mind
    • And so many more
  • Cultivating your own “garden”
  • Making new habits and replacing old habits
  • Time mismanagement
  • Self-neglect
Thought Quotes:

“If it feels like a chore why would you keep doing it?”

“New habits are super easy… it’s about replacing the old habits. That’s a little more challenging. The ones that are not serving you any longer.”

“Self-cultivation is taming that garden–tending it carefully so that it will bear fruit and sustenance. There’s nothing wrong with being a wild thing!

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