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Inspired Action

Nov 12, 2019

Do you have a lot of big buts in your life… reasons why you’re not doing or being all you want to do or be? Do you want more? Do you want to transform? Examine your life and put the Daoist Virtues into action… Courage, Authority, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Acceptance so you can free yourself and be authentically you.

“Finding and living your authenticity is key to this idea of Happy on the Way to Happiness… We want to arrive at the Happiness, but what about the trip there?”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:
  • Courage is the first step to authenticity
    • Brené Brown‘s courage to speak her truth
    • The difference between Earth and Wood Courage
    • Do you have the Courage to take the steps for your authenticity
    • Being a parent and being your authentic self
  • Authority – are you able to follow-through?
    • Are you in charge
    • Can you be empowered
  • Gratitude — appreciating all that you’ve gotten
    • Self-cultivation
    • Journaling an attitude of gratitude
    • Daily Grateful 4’s
  • Forgiveness is essential for any forward growth
    • Let go of resentment
    • Triggers and Tentacles
    • Resentment someone else put on you, holding you in a bad place
  • Acceptance is about you
    • If you can’t forgive, you can’t accept.
    • Self-acceptance
    • Start today
  • Do you have the desire to want more
  • Do you have the willingness to look at yourself with no shame, no blame
  • List out the micro-baby-steps
Thought Quotes:

“We call it Wu Wei, which is really living an inspired life, which is opposite of hard work.”

“What baby steps can you take…?”

“It’s the hamster on the wheel, it just goes around and round. Heck, I’ve been there… It was hell in a hamster wheel… I knew there was more to life than this…”

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