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Inspired Action

Apr 12, 2023

For Metals, a Free Heart can mean the difference between flying and falling. How can the Metal Elemental type free their hearts and fly free in life? Can you let the power of the Metal Lungs let go of deep-seated anger and jealousy to fly their magic carpet through life instead of falling and going splat?

"If you can say that you always do this particular thing whenever that particular situation happens, the question is why ... and at the core of this is the idea that those issues probably come from your heart pains, which come from past experiences that we can't let go of, and are haunted by -- even if it's completely unconscious."

What are the Metal tentacles of the heart?

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  • Apathy and Deep Seated Anger are the the primary tentacles for Metal people (bonus: Temptation and Jealousy).
  • The Yin nature of Metals makes them more reserved and observant - less "overly involved" - so more prone to retreat and shutting down.
  • A Metal person's nightmare could have them feeling disconnected and unable to find the way back.
  • The Apathy is the feeling that they'd rather do nothing -- life is just too painful -- when they've experienced deep trauma and the disconnect can feel all encompassing.
  • Apathy can be a mechanism where total surrender of CONTROL (especially in instances of trauma and abuse) allows for the Metal person to survive the circumstances of their environment.
  • Even if they aren't doing something about it, a Metal person is going to feel Deep Seated Anger at the injustice of the situation; this could be suppressed and building up until a time when it explodes!
  • Metals tend not to overindulge on things like food, though they might feel tempted by things they aren't supposed to have...
  • A Metal person can get really stuck in addiction if it feeds the impulse to be non-compliant with a norm (they follow the rules but find ways to be slightly deviant) -- think about the "cool" smoker.
  • Moxibustion or incense could help to offset some feelings of lack if a Metal smoker decides to quit.
  • Metal Jealousy is about not getting the RESPECT they deserve, and seeing others get it.
  • The Free Your Heart Meditation can help you to re-write the memories of experiences which have caused these tentacles to develop and create triggers in your life today.

Thought Quote:

"Notoriously some of the big kings and queens of rock and roll, sex and drugs, but in everyday life, we have them around us of course...they just love a good Rebel Yell!"

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