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Inspired Action

Mar 13, 2023

How can Earths free their hearts and feel a sense of abundance and nourishment in life? Can you let go of resentments and heal from the past... Tune in for this core Earth Element episode!

"The first step is acknowledging that the problem isn't outside of you. That these outer circumstances are happening, but inside it's time to look at yourself and why you're being so first ask yourself: what are the triggers?"

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman

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What are your Earth tentacles of the heart?

  • What would happen if the Earth came to an abrupt halt?!
  • Revisit Pod 2 and Pods 12-16 to brush up on basics of the Five Elements
  • Two types of Earth: Stomach and Spleen. What does each mean?
  • Food can play a major role in an Earth person's life...sometimes positive, sometimes negative.
  • Earth people sometimes struggle with feelings of lack, coupled with a denial of this feeling, and this can occasionally lead to... Overindulgence.
  • Some Earth people have tentacles that mess with their appetite, and may develop an eating disorder.
  • The flavor of Deep Seated Anger for Earth is Resentment, and when unaddressed this can come out in some not-so-nice ways...
  • Earth is right in the middle of Yin & Yang, and has some of both aspects.
  • Earth Apathy can be understood as an extreme version of putting others' needs ahead of their own
  • Occasional Jealousy (or Envy) can happen for Earths, especially when coupled with the deep seated anger and/or resentment.
  • Earth people do not like feeling like they've been "duped"!
  • How to address these tentacles? Earth goes into problem solving mode -- but can go round and round--so it's important to look inward.
  • Check out the Free Your Heart Meditation in the Second Stage of Alchemy Meditations in the Alchemy Learning Center to practice this!

Thought Quote:

"They may have learned from trauma that they just don't matter at all, which is different than the Water wanting to matter, and they just go along with others, just to stay safe. They don't want to rock the boat or cause a rift."

Jaye McElroy

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